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"Live Free or Die" ?      New Hampshire State Motto       



        "Freedom and Unity" ?      Vermont State Motto

New Hampshire ranks No.1 for Most Livable State for 2011. 
New Hampshire coveted the number one spot because it excels in numerous important quality-of life measures including low crime, low poverty, high income levels and a well-educated population.
Powerful words that define the way of life here in the "north end" of these two beautiful states. The freedom to let your children ride their bikes to the ballpark without worry, to speak your mind at the annual town meeting, and to leave your doors unlocked at night. There are no words to describe the unity of your neighbors when they welcome you to your new home or come to your aid in times of need.  We live and work together. 
If you're looking for a great place to raise a family, a quiet place to retire, or a safe place to grow old, it's right here. Meander along our scenic back roads, hike or ski through our woods, dine at one of our family-owned restaurants, and meet the friendly locals. And don't forget to stop and see our Realtors, because once you get back to the city you'll want to return to the North Country to live. It's no accident that New Hampshire is rated number one on the most livable states in the country. Vermont is ranked at number 8.