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Ribbon Cutting                                                          

Whether you are opening a new business, re-branding or relocating an established business, the Chamber of  Commerce can assist you with planning and publicizing a Ribbon Cutting. We recently purchased Giant Ribbon Cutting Scissors for this very use. In the information below you will see a sample agenda as well as some important phone numbers.

Click here for our Ribbon Cutting Guidebook.

Sample Ribbon Cutting Agenda

The following sequence of events describes a typical Ribbon Cutting. Approximate timing is provided to give you an understanding of how the day should progress. We have found a successful length of time for this event is between 1 and 2 hours.

It is important to get the Ribbon Cutting started quickly out of respect for the busy schedules of your attendees.

Ribbon Cuttings are best done during the work week (Monday-Friday); you have a higher success rate of other business professionals being able to attend along with members of the Chamber.

Those who can will then stay around for refreshments and a possible tour.

(it’s up to you to decide if you want to provide a tour of your office or facility).


Having your Ribbon Cutting later in the day also assures higher attendance as people are more flexible at the end of the work day.




3:00 PM         Guests arrive

3:00-3:30       Networking/Social Time/Refreshments

3:30-3:45       1.  Brief words by Chamber President

 2.  Brief words by Town Manager

 3.  Brief words by your Company Representative

3:45-3:50       Pictures

4:00              The Ribbon is cut!

4:00-5:00      Optional Tour of your office or facility